Police Beat Sept. 13 – 19



Sept. 13 – A male student’s white Cannondale bike was stolen from Heritage Halls. It was locked with a cable lock and is worth $4,000.

Sept. 14 – A male student’s red Cannondale bike was stolen from Heritage Halls after being locked with a cable lock. The bike was worth $300.

Criminal Mischief

Sept. 9 – A male reported receiving a threatening text from an unknown number saying that the person wanted to “shove a pike” up his kid’s rear end. University police tracked the text to a mentally handicapped person who was sending these texts as a prank. The person promised that they wouldn’t repeat the offense again.

Sept. 13 – A women’s bathroom in the Miller Park Baseball/Softball Complex was vandalized with silver-colored graffiti. The custodial crew was able to clean it up.

Sept. 16 – A threatening letter was found by an individual in the street by the Joseph Knight Building.

Sept. 16 – A wallet was reported stolen from a secured area in the Missionary Training Center.

Sept. 16 – An individual reported the fraudulent use of another individual’s finances.

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