Readers’ Forum August 11


Campus shuttle should run year round

While there are other transportation options available, it seems strange, and a bit unfair, how students taking spring and summer classes miss out on the benefits The Ryde (the free shuttle service to and from BYU campus) has to offer. These benefits should be available for all semesters, and not just during fall and winter semesters.

Getting from Wyview apartments to the middle of campus by foot takes around 20 minutes. If you take classes four days a week for an eight-week term, that is about 21 hours walking to and from your classes. If we had a shuttle that comes at a consistent time, it can help many of us get to campus faster, helping us make it to classes on time, and have more time for studying.

Students with disabilities create a demand for easy transportation throughout the year. There are many students who have mobility problems and are unable to walk or may have trouble walking long distances. There may also be those who are blind or have other difficulties that make biking or driving unadvisable or impossible. Those with disabilities deserve to come year round and should have an easy way to get to campus throughout the year.

Since there aren’t as many students during summer term, instead of doing the usual trip three times an hour, the school should have (the shuttle) go once or twice an hour or every 40 minutes instead of every 20 minutes. This way, BYU will not have to pay as much as during the other semesters and the shuttle will still be available during spring and summer terms.

— Zachary Wright

Reston, Virginia


BYU: A privilege for eternity

I feel to thank my Heavenly Father publicly for the privilege of attending BYU.

Karl G. Maeser dreamed a dream about BYU: “I have seen Temple Hill (upper campus) filled with buildings — great temples of learning, and I have decided to remain and do my part in contributing to the fulfillment of that dream.” Brother Maeser received this charge to build this university through Brigham Young. He said, “(Do not) teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God.”

President Hinckley said, “(BYU’s) great mission is to testify of (Jesus Christ’s) living reality. We should not be involved with anything not in harmony with this major objective. We should be involved with whatever is in harmony with this objective.”

To those pursuing less worthy causes, my advisor says: “I’ve just sucked one year of your life away – how do you feel?”

God expects us to learn all subjects of value, “That (we) may be prepared in all things when (He) shall send (us) again to magnify the calling whereunto (He has) called (us), and the mission with which (He has) commissioned (us)” (D&C 88:78-80). The Lord’s time is precious, and our time is His time.

I hope it will be easily understood why I and others can become impatient with attitudes of entitlement, disobedience, and arrogance anywhere in the world, but especially here.

Thank God for this wonderful pressure cooker, where we are expected and enabled to achieve not only academic excellence but also spiritual strength and godly character!

— Seth Stewart

Evergreen, Colorado

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