New trends put eyebrows ‘on fleek’


High fashion model Cara Delevingne is idolized for her bold eyebrows (

People who simply browse the internet for popular trends would find that bold has become the new beautiful. Women’s eyebrows have quickly gone from slender and sleek to thick and full.

Women have found there are four different ways to help eyebrows become like model and actress Cara Delevingne’s.


Master esthetician at Seasons Salon in Orem Mylene Fischer Sotelo specializes in microblading.

“Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that would help someone that doesn’t have shape, sparse hair or no brows at all,” Sotelo said. “It’s a more natural look than a permanent tattoo because we apply the makeup with a feathered hair-like stroke.”

Many people mistakenly think microblading is permanent makeup like a tattoo, according to Sotelo. However, it only lasts for about 12 to 18 months, as permanent makeup could last from 10 to 20 years.

“On a pain scale of one to ten most of my clients are a one to five in pain,” Sotelo said.

The blade applying the makeup doesn’t enter deeper than the dermis, which permanent makeup would go past. Normally Sotelo’s clients who experience more pain have drunk caffeine or alcohol or have been stressed within 24 to 48 hours before receiving the treatment.

About 60 percent of Sotelo’s clientele are elderly women who lived during the late fashion trend of shaving/plucking their eyebrows and coloring them in. Around 40 percent of her clientele are girls are in their 20s who want thicker eyebrows in order to follow the trend.

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Extra Makeup
Aveda Institute student Jenna Robinson is learning the latest fashion trends in makeup while studying at Aveda. She has participated in many fashion shows and photo shoots as the makeup and hair stylist.

“Something that is really in is the big thick brows,” Robinson said. “Instead of the concentrated efforts of tweezing and waxing we fill in the eyebrows with special makeup techniques.”

Company Benefit Cosmetics is following the fashion trend and just launched a new line of makeup all directed to the eyebrows called “Wow Your Brows.” It includes eyebrow gel, conditioning eyebrow primer, multiple kinds of eyebrow pencils and an eyebrow shaping kit.



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Threading is a growing trend in fashion that removes eyebrow hair effectively to shape them. Taylie Cowles, a student at Aveda Institute, gets her own eyebrows threaded rather than tweezed and waxed. She said getting her eyebrows threaded prevents more irritation of the skin.

“Threading is when someone takes a piece of thread, ties it a certain way and then pulls out multiple hairs at one time,” Cowles said. “This means that it is a lot faster than tweezing.”

She said the reason why she prefers threading over tweezing is because she can get rid of the small stranded hairs, but leave her eyebrows looking shaped and full. She believes her eyebrows look much better after she has a professional do them.


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Many women have discovered ways to help their eyebrows have a deeper and darker look much quicker than coloring them with a pencil every day. A quicker result is to tint or dye their eyebrows with a slightly darker shade than their hair in order to obtain Delevingne’s look of boldness.

“I tint my eyebrows so that I don’t have to fill them in with makeup everyday,” Robinson said.

Tinting not only improves color, according to Robinson, but also can improve thickness because it adds to the volume of the hair with each dye.

“People are now realizing that eyebrows are important because they frame the face,” Sotelo said.


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