Jimmer set to shoot 100 three-pointers for charity

Fredette Family Foundation Representatives play with shoppers at the Riverwoods to promote Jimmer's All-Together Shootout. (Dru Laws)
Fredette Family Foundation representatives play with shoppers at the Riverwoods to promote Jimmer’s All-Together Shootout. (Dru Laws)

Local BYU basketball celebrity Jimmer Fredette will shoot 100 three-pointers on June 10 at Orem High School to raise money for Orem’s All-Together Playground. The All-Together Playground will be accessible to kids who have disabilities and include features such as a swing that can be attached to a wheelchair.

Fredette Family Foundation representatives met at the Shops at Riverwoods this week to spread the word that Jimmer will be here next week.

People at the shootout can pledge money per three-point shot Jimmer makes and also will have the chance to participate. Donors of the largest amount of money per shot will be able to meet Jimmer and shoot with him during the event.

There will be a dunk competition, and kids are also invited to reserve a spot to be a part of the shootout.

Fredette Family Foundation public relations intern and current BYU student Lauren Holbrook raised awareness for the upcoming event at a booth at the Riverwoods, giving out tickets and playing basketball with some Riverwoods guests on a portable basketball hoop.

“This playground will be a place where kids of all abilities can come play,” Holbrook said. “It is meant to promote inclusion and kindness.”

The Fredette Family Foundation is focused on promoting kindness, which is the foundation is excited to be a part of this charity, according to Holbrook.

BYU student and Fredette Family Foundation intern Jeff Dodenbir said he was happy to see the support of the people of Orem.

“It’s always fun to see how people can rally around a good cause,” Dodenbir said.

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