7 tips for a smooth marriage proposal

Breezy and Caleb Ward celebrate their new engagement in Disneyland.
Breezy and Caleb Ward celebrate their new engagement in Disneyland. (Breezy Ward)

Business Insider lists BYU as the college where students are most likely to meet their spouse, so it’s no wonder some BYU men go above and beyond when planning their proposal.

BYU finance student Caleb Ward said he and future fiancé, Breezy Roth, had talked about their mutual love for Disneyland and bonded over the commonality when they were dating. He planned a quick 24-hour vacation when he was ready to propose.

Sometimes what is planned doesn’t always pan out the way it was expected to. Like Caleb, who said he and Breezy kept getting in trouble with Disney employees about where he should be standing during the firework show. He said it was a little frustrating, but he was still able to pull off his proposal.

“I just turned around and he was on one knee with a ring in one hand while the fireworks were going off in front of the castle,” Breezy said. “It was pretty nice, he did a good job.”

Proposing can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Here are seven tips for planning the perfect engagement day:

1. Make it Meaningful 

Caleb thought going somewhere they both loved would be the perfect place to propose to Breezy. According to Martha Stewart’s blog, Weddings, an engagement is a great occasion to surprise her with something sentimental.

“Before we knew each other, we both had season passes to Disneyland,” Caleb said. “I always knew that I wanted to propose to her in Disneyland.”

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff

BYU alumnus Theo Harris had planned the perfect date to end in a romantic hot air balloon ride, wanting to wait at the highest point in the flight to propose to his girlfriend, Rebekah Ray, a BYU graphic design student.

However, Theo soon realized it wouldn’t just be him and Rebekah in the balloon when three other women showed up for the ride.

Theo and Rebekah both agreed it is important not to worry about the small details.

Martha Stewart’s wedding website suggests that sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but it’s important to not let that ruin the moment. Theo and Rebekah said they were able to laugh about it and knew they would have a great story to tell in the future.

3. Make it a surprise

Rebekah said she was surprised at the proposal since Theo had a habit of taking her on extravagant dates. The date in Park City didn’t seem too out of the ordinary for her, making the proposal a complete surprise.

Theo suggested guys should try to find a moment where they won’t be expecting the proposal.

Martha Stewart’s Weddings suggests guys should “involve an accomplice to really throw her off track and plan it out.”

4. Talk to her parents

Caleb believes asking the mother or father for their blessing is crucial. He said asking permission from Breezy’s father was one of the most important things he did.

“With every big decision in my life, I ask my dad about it,” Breezy said, “Knowing that he approved of Caleb made my decision easier.”

5. Make it personal 

Theo and Rebekah Harris prepare for their hot air balloon flight.
Theo and Rebekah Harris prepare for their hot air balloon flight. (Theo Harris)

“Every couple should have a different story because no couple is alike,” Theo said. “Make sure your proposal is personal.”

He suggested that people should be creative. Some people prefer a quiet, personal proposal, while others might want to enjoy it with friends, family or even crowds of people around them.

6. Take pictures

Couples can capture the special moment in a photo by hiring a professional photographer or even a roommate with an iPhone, according to Rebekah.

Rebekah said she happened to be in a photography class at the time of her engagement. She has a lot of pictures of Theo looking in his backpack while waiting for the balloon to be ready. She now knows that he was checking on the ring.

7. Be authentic

Another one of Martha Stewart’s tips is to stick to an idea, but not a script. When asking to marry someone, don’t just recite something from memorization. Although it’s good to have a general idea of what to say beforehand, it’s more important to be genuine and in the moment.

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