Firefly performs at experience industry management conference


Firefly, a local band consisting of three sisters, recently performed at a Marriott School of Management conference. BYU alumna Melanie Merchant Clark, her sister Mckenzie Merchant and their younger sister Madelyn Merchant performed live at the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center on campus.

The concert was in celebration of the Experience Industry Management Conference. The conference was primarily to help students bring more of an experience to customers rather than just providing products. It also hosted keynote speakers, including Dan Farr, the co-founder of the Salt Lake City Comic Con.

Firefly performed both original songs and covers. Each band member also spoke on what made their band experience unique.

Madelyn explained that a lot of the experience she provides has to do with those she is performing for.

“Our purpose has kind of changed, it used to be very focused on the experience we were having,” Madelyn said. “And we started to realize through time what we do and that being on a stage, you have a lot more influence.”

The sisters also shared how they have learned a lot through “trial and error.”

Many students and faculty joined in on clapping and tapping to the beat of the music during the performance. The band said audience participation is a large part of creating that experience. Performing has multiple components, including connecting with the audience and having emotions, along with details and movement.




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