Police Beat March 18–25




March 24 — A student left his watch on top of a trash can so it could link with the satellite while he ran in the Smith Fieldhouse. Ten minutes later, it was gone. The watch is estimated to be $140.

March 23 — In the parking lot west of LaVell Edwards Stadium, a female student locked her bike in a bike rack. She proceeded to take the bike seat off a bike she believed to be abandoned. She left in a car. The police identified and tracked down the car and talked to the student. She explained her bike seat had been stolen and she knew this bike had been abandoned. Police explained since the bike was on private property, even though the bike may have been abandoned, what she did was stealing.

March 23 — An unlocked, $200 bike was stolen from the bike rack west of the Abraham O. Smoot Administration Building.

March 21 — A student reported their $3,000 bike was stolen between March 11 and 14 from the Building 25 Heritage Halls bike rack. The bike had been locked with a cable lock.

Vehicle Burglary

March 23 — A construction worker’s car, parked in the parking lot west of the LaVell Edwards Stadium, was found unlocked at the end of the work day. Seven items were stolen including a windshield mounted crash camera, GPS, Bluetooth phone, construction equipment, safety harness and DVD player. The total financial loss is about $1,595.

Warrant Service

March 23 — In performing a regular traffic stop, University Police discovered the driver had an outstanding $355 warrant. The police escorted him to the bank and then to the Provo District Court to pay the fee.

Criminal Mischief

March 21 — A cement barrier in the parking lot south of the Life Science Building had an inappropriate statement written on it with chalk. The officer got rid of the statement.

March 18 — An artist complained about people intentionally displacing his art exhibit in the Harris Fine Arts Center.


March 19 — At a basketball game, an usher asked for assistance with an individual who would not follow the seating rules. When the officers arrived, the dispute was resolved.


March 22 — A female student applied for a credit card at the Wells Fargo branch in the BYU Bookstore. The card was denied on suspicions of a bad social security number. Police are investigating if this is actually a situation of fraud or a simple mistake.

March 19 — A couple was shopping in the BYU Bookstore and the husband’s debit card was declined. He checked his card activity and found three charges pending. He immediately canceled the card, but two of the three charges were processed. He had a loss of $90. The charges were out of Virginia.

March 19 — An Ohio citizen, not affiliated with BYU, received an email from BYU stating he had a charge to his net ID. The man never created an account with BYU. Previous to this notification he had received messages about a student loan but ignored them, thinking it was spam. He went to the BYU website and attempted to log in by using the security questions. One security question asked what his mom’s maiden name is. He answered it and was surprised that it logged him in. He had used that security question on other accounts. He checked his bank accounts and noticed no suspicious activity, but called BYU police to inform them his identity may have been stolen. Police are currently investigating, but believe someone took out a student loan in the name of this man.


March 21 — A female noticed a PVC pipe capped on both ends on the fourth floor of the Joseph F. Smith Building. She notified the University Police of it, concerned that it was a pipe bomb. Police responded and evacuated the fourth floor. A perimeter was set up and the pipe was observed at a safe distance. It was determined to have a common construction of a bomb. The writing on the side of the pipe included the phrase “100 hour board.” After looking this up, police discovered that the “100 hour board” is an online BYU forum where people can ask questions. Police got ahold of one of the people running the forum. The individual informed the police that the pipe was a container being used for a scavenger hunt and not a bomb. She apologized for any confusion.

Hazardous Material

March 23 — Two students were working with chemicals in a Clyde building lab. When heating up the chemical ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, a vapor was created. The room was evacuated. There were no injuries. The vapor could be dangerous according to the Center for Disease Control Prevention.



March 23 — Around 1 p.m., an individual was assaulted at the 1100 Block University Ave. near Provo High School. The assault did not involve any weapons.

March 23 — An individual was assaulted at the 100 Block N. 300 East in Provo around 7 a.m. There were no weapons involved.


Bank Robbery

March 23 — The Chase Bank on 1115 S. 800 East Orem was robbed at noon. The suspect did not show a weapon and left on foot with an “undisclosed amount of cash.” Orem Police Department does not believe this is the first bank he has robbed. The FBI and Orem police are working together to follow up on leads.


March 24 — Police have suspects for the tagging done using spray paint on a car, some fences and a front door.


March 22 — A home near 500 N. 400 East was burglarized. The owners were away on vacation.

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