Police Beat March 11–18




March 17 — Two new graphical processor boards, each worth $650, were stolen out of the Clyde building.

March 16 — A $600 bike was stolen from the Faculty Office Building bike rack. It was locked with a cable lock.

March 15–17 — A $1,000 bike, locked with a cable lock at a bike, was stolen from a rack near the J Hall in Helaman Halls.

March 17 — A $1,000 bike was stolen from a JKB bike rack. The cable lock was found cut on the ground.

March 17 — During a previous investigation of a bike theft, video surveillance captured images of a specific car. The car was spotted on campus and University Police detained the driver. After he was taken to the police station, the driver confessed to having stolen four bikes on BYU campus and one on UVU campus. He was charged with a class A misdemeanor. The man said he and another friend targeted bikes with disk-breaks and a cable lock. He was selling the bikes to pay for a heroin addiction. His friend was arrested in Salt Lake the week before for a different crime. One bike was recovered, two were never reported missing, and the police are tracking down the fourth bike.

March 15 — A $180 locked bike was stolen. Police believe the cable lock was cut with bolt cutters.

March 16 — A $400 bike was stolen from Heritage Halls. In the course of working a different case, Provo Police found the bike and informed University Police, who returned it to its owner.

March 11-14 — A locked $400 bike was stolen from Wyview park.

March 14 — A $200 bike was stolen sometime between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. from Wyview Park. Police found a small pair of bolt cutters near the location where the bike was parked.

March 12 — A $200 bike was stolen from a bike rack on the east side of the Harris Fine Arts Center.


March 16 — A male wanted to use the student gym, but was denied entrance because he was wearing blue jeans, which is not allowed under the gym’s dress code. The male got upset and yelled at the female worker. He attempted to grab a tablet from the hands of the female. The female called the police and the man left. There was no video footage, but police have a good description.


March 15 — A Wyview park resident informed the police that neighbors, a married couple, were harassing by fabricating stories and calling the police. At this time there is no proof of criminal harassment.

March 16 — A male, in a Benson Building office, received an inappropriate voicemail from an unknown person. The voicemail was deleted. The case is under investigation.


March 17 — Around 9 p.m. a female was walking home when she was approached by a male. He asked her where she was going and if she was going to the temple. She didn’t respond to the male and doesn’t think that he followed after that. Police informed her about the safe-walk service.

March 11 — Someone called the police around 10 p.m. stating he or she could smell marijuana on Maser Hill. Officers arrived but could not smell it.

March 11 — A person called to report two suspicious males at a bike rack. The males were actually geo-cashing.

Criminal Mischief

March 13 — An NCAA track female toilet was found completely off the wall and shattered on the ground. It is unknown how the damage occurred.



March 15 — Around 2 a.m. a person was assaulted with a weapon on the 900 Block Freedom Blvd. in Provo.


March 15 — There was a report of marijuana around 3 p.m. near the Village at South Campus.


Car Accident

March 13 — A man was pulling his boat behind his car when the trailer came loose. The boat went down the road, slipped between a fire hydrant and telephone pole, skidded across a lawn and hit a fence. No one was hurt.


March 14 — A man went into a local Orem hospital, took a flatscreen TV from a lounge area and left. The man could not be identified from the video surveillance but he was identified a few hours later when he returned to nap in the waiting room. Orem police cited and released him.

Disorderly Conduct

March 15 — Two customers of an Orem 7-11 were upset with the employees, so they dumped their coffee on the counter. The convenience store chose not to pursue charges, but the two men were banned from the premises.

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