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Remembering Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan’s death brings to another area of the mind deep gratitude for various things: personal dignity and grace, high standards, devotion to country and enduring ideals; not least, warmth and humor.

— William Murchison
Dallas Morning News

Nancy Reagan’s support helped President Ronald Reagan accomplish all that he did for this country … And after President Reagan left office, Nancy Reagan comforted her “Ronnie” through the personal hell that is Alzheimer’s.

… Nancy Reagan’s strong points and compassion far outweighed any shortcomings.

… For both her public and private roles, the nation owes thanks to the former first lady

—  Editorial Board

While it took us a while to realize it, Nancy Reagan was a trailblazer — a presidential spouse who became one of the president’s most trusted advisers and moderating voices on public relations, personnel and even foreign policy. When it comes to the substance of the presidency, we now know that Nancy Reagan ranks as the most influential first lady to serve between Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton.

… Nancy Reagan was both a throwback and a groundbreaker. And a romantic.

— Susan Page
USA Today

Nancy Reagan was at times a controversial first lady, but her life also offers powerful evidence of the role that a spouse can play in shaping the legacy of a White House. Although during presidential campaigns like 2016 we are logically focused on the people who are asking for our vote, Nancy Reagan’s passing is a reminder that the other person in the couple will be a pivotal player in any presidency to come.

— Julian Zelizer

Many first ladies have been unhappy in the role. … Michelle Obama says that living in the White House is like living in a “really nice prison.” Mrs. Reagan, however, was unabashedly proud of her hard-won position and even put “first lady” as her occupation on her income tax forms.

… Mrs. Reagan was content because she defined the role in a uniquely ambitious — and covert — way.

… She has been remembered as a powerful and stylish first lady. But she was much more than that.

— Kate Andersen Brower 
The New York Times

“I live in a permanent Christmas because God gave me you,” Ronald Reagan once wrote to his wife, whose importance in the drama of his life and his consequential presidency cannot be denied. Nancy Reagan poured her life out for her husband, and in so doing, for the nation.

— Editorial Board 
Burlington Times-News

She will be remembered as the keeper of President Ronald Reagan’s legacy. She was, however, much more than the wife of the president. They were, in fact, a team. Not in life only, but in the often tough political arena. And she was no pushover.

… Undeniably, she will go down as one of the classiest first ladies ever … But, she was so much more. She won the hearts of Americans with her charm, graciousness and devotion to her husband and her country.

— Mike Jones 
Tulsa World

Carson and Trump

In temperament as well as trajectory, Carson was the anti-Trump, a pediatric neurosurgeon whose eerily calm manner became a running joke — he delivered his stump speeches and debate responses with all the vehemence of a somniloquist.

— Kelefa Sanneh
The New Yorker

Stop everything. This is huge. Someone likes Donald Trump. Former surgeon Ben Carson doesn’t really have a fan club, but the failed presidential candidate wants you to know he hearts the brash billionaire.

One can’t help but wonder if everyone who endorses Trump, as Carson did on Friday morning, gets a fat bag of cash in exchange for their soul.

— Matt Laslo
The Guardian

We knew it might happen, but to see Dr. Ben Carson actually endorse Donald Trump for President, in the face of the insults Trump made about Carson’s religion, and in the face of the overt bigotry being experienced at Trump’s campaign events, is like a form of death. The mythical Ben Carson, the one with miracle hands, the rags-to-riches man who came up rough in Detroit but made it out of the hood, that man, that myth, fully and completely died for me today.

… His legacy, at best, was already on life support, but his full-throttled endorsement of Trump … is still very sad.

— Shaun King
New York Daily News

You thought Ben Carson was an expert in neurosurgery, because he is, well, a world-renowned neurosurgeon. But, it turns out, he is also an education expert, or so says Donald Trump, who just welcomed Carson’s endorsement for the Republican presidential nomination.

— Valerie Strauss
The Washington Post

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