BYU MBA program rankings reflect student quality


BYU students are getting the most out of their tuition money at the university’s Marriott School of Management. The MBA program finished No. 1 in the United States and top 20 in the world in two different return on investment rankings by the Financial Times.

Maya Inoue, an MBA student ambassador, in the Tanner Building. BYU’s MBA program was named No.1 in return on investment by the Financial Times. (Maddi Driggs)

Return on investment is the sum of money invested into a program and the return or salary coming out of the program. Graduates of the MBA program claimed a salary average of $123,410 only three years after graduation, according to a BYU press release.

Marriott School managing director Treavor Peterson said these rankings create more opportunities for the program. He said after years of “fostering relationships” and building the MBA brand, the program is placing BYU students in the same companies as students from Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame and other prestigious schools.

“We are getting there because of the reputation of our students and it’s getting more competitive to get into the program,” Peterson said. “We push the students and the rankings come.”

Maya Inoue, a second-year MBA student, said she is proud she can get a great education with very little debt. MBA students should only expect to spend around $23,000 for the entire program, according to the Marriott School. In comparison, Yale charges about $63,000 in tuition for only one academic year, according to the Yale School of Management.

As a BYU MBA ambassador, Inoue talks with incoming students and helps with the recruiting process.

“The MBA program does a great job at admitting students who represent the brand well,” Inoue said. “MBA students are usually ethical leaders, hard working and very intelligent.”

Lee Perry, the dean of the Marriott School of Business, said the school appreciates the positive attention the MBA program continues to receive.

“The Financial Times’ ranking shines an international spotlight on our wonderful MBA students,” Perry said.”It is further recognition coming to the Marriott School, but more importantly it supports our broader mission to enlarge Brigham Young University in a world we wish to improve.”

The ranking plays into helping a five-year vision as well. Peterson said the MBA will be focusing on the quality of the students and emphasizing “better placement coming in and better placement coming out.”

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