7 Ways to prepare for an audition


Whatever type of audition you’re going for, you need to be prepared and ready to shine. Here are seven tips to making sure you are at your best, physically and artistically, for an audition you won’t regret.

1. Do your research

Finding Good Research - I Will know All the answersEvery audition is different, from the style of the show to the type of production. Make sure you know what is expected of you at the audition: what sort of tone you present should match with what you are auditioning for.

2. Pick your piece according to your strengths

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Not only do you need to find an audition piece that fits the style of the show, but you also need to find a piece that plays to your strengths. If you have a rocking belt, spotlight it. If you know how to show emotion, pick a piece that showcases that emotional level.

3. Practice, practice, practice

one-does-not-simply-a - one does not simply finish reading for crim lit

Auditioning is not an English paper you can throw together the night before at midnight and succeed. You need time and preparation to stun the directors and producers you are auditioning for. This does not just apply to a monologue or prepared routine. If cold reading lines from a script is part of the audition, pick up a random script and practicing.

4. Sleep and eat

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Professionals can tell when an actor is tired or lacking energy. Getting a full night’s rest and eating a balanced breakfast is essential for success. Consider packing a light snack and water in case you have to wait for more than an hour to audition.

5. Plan ahead

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Showing up late to an audition will almost always mean a lost role. Plan ahead for time, traffic and nerves. This will allow you to show up early and not be in a rush.

6. Dress appropriately

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Make sure to dress as a professional. Looks can be a major factor in the selection process, so make sure you look your best. This doesn’t mean you can’t have personality or stand out; just make sure it looks nice.

7. Have fun

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Directors and producers want to know that while working hard, you will also enjoy yourself. When you have fun, the nerves turn into workable energy and the love for the performance shines through. That is what makes a true performer. Don’t be afraid to love your performance — that will make a rejection easier and an acceptance that much sweeter.


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