Police Beat Jan. 2-8




Jan. 7 — A female student reported her ID card missing after someone used 85 cents at a Wymount Terrace laundry facility.

Jan. 6 — A female student left her backpack in her classroom overnight. When she retrieved it, she discovered $30 cash was missing.


Jan. 5 — A student was attempting to sell a textbook for $50 online. A buyer contacted the student stating he would send a check for the book with an additional $70. The buyer asked the student to send back any remaining money from the check. The student received a check for $1,200. The student did not cash the check or send the buyer the textbook.


Jan. 5 — A patient at the BYU Heath Center was involved in an argument with an employee, but the patient left before an BYU Police officer arrived.


Traffic Warning

Jan. 5— Provo Police reminds residents that traffic along University Avenue and Center Street will increase as the Provo City Center Temple open house begins on Friday, Jan. 15.


Bank Robbery

Jan. 7 — Capital Community Bank, at 49 W. University Parkway in Orem, was robbed at 1:25 p.m. The robber took “a bunch” of $2 bills according to the Orem Police Facebook Page. The robber was wearing a teal, white and black ski jacket, a royal blue beanie, a black face mask and dark sunglasses. He left the bank on a dark-colored bicycle.

Family Theft and Fraud

Jan. 4— A woman in Orem reported the theft of two cameras. She said her son might have stolen them.

Jan. 4— A woman stole and used her father’s debit card and was arrested for fraud.





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