Movember on Campus Expectations vs Reality


Four Stages of Movember on Campus: Expectations vs Reality

Feel free to disagree. Be it “no shave November” or “Movember” in this list we will address the terms interchangeably as we see mustaches around and support awareness of prostate cancer.

It’s that time of year again Movember. Reality is best-served cold.



1. Freshman Year-Expectation:

It’s your first year on your own. Time to show the world and the ladies what kind of a mustache man you are.


Unfortunately you are not Tom Selleck and you don’t have much to show. Don’t lose hope, wait a few semesters and in the meantime please shave the peachfuzz.

new freshman realityy.jpg

  1.  Sophomore Year -Expectation:

You got benched last season as part of your growing pains. This year you are the comeback kid. There is a new swagger to your step, let’s see how you’ve stepped up your game.



Sophmore Reality:

Ok we get it, you can finally grow enough to be in the game. Unfortunately what little stache you can muster shows more kid than comeback.

Unibomber Stach.jpg

3. Junior Year: Expectation 

Your mustache is so good a flag waves when you walk out the door.

 I Dare You.jpg

Junior Year Reality:

Now that youare capable of growing a mustache you may wonder if you want to keep it. Not everyone looks thier best with a mustache, many are unrecognizable (did you recognize John Wayne here?). Luckly this is Movember, shave later and blame us for us the funny looks in the mean time.

Don't much like quitters, son.jpg

4. Senior Year Expectation:

Go big or go home. After this year your just another stache on the street. Now is your time to show campus what a real mustache looks like.

You're doing it right.jpg

Senior Year Reality:  It takes most men four years or more to do Movember the right way. Now you run the show, eat as much bacon and eggs as you want you mannly man you. bacon mustache.jpg

one does not simply.jpg

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