Provo high school declared surplus land


The Provo City School Board of Education unanimously voted during a public meeting to declare the land at Provo High School surplus.

The Provo Board of Education moved to make the land at Provo High School surplus. This move is one step closer to the sell of the school. (AP Photo Kathy Kmonicek)

The move to surplus the land is another step towards the potential sell of the high school.

Declaring the land surplus gives the school boards the option to sell the land in the future but doesn’t mean that the board is obligated to sell in the futureThe school board could leave the land as surplus for years without ever putting it up for sale.

“We haven’t decided which direction were going,” said Business Administrator Stefanie Bryant, “This will help move things along.”

The board is currently working to compare potential campus locations around the city to the current one through tests and studies. The studies are being conducted by civil engineers and are focusing on traffic impact in the areas along with water, drainage and sewer.

“Declaring the land surplus allows the board to continue down this path of exploring,” said President of the School Board Julie Rash.

The board expressed their appreciation of the many citizens that have cared about this issue and voiced their opinions.

“This is a big decision that will last for decades. We are not taking this lightly,” said Rash.

Provo High has been at its current location since 1955 and has had numerous upgrades and expansions. However, due to the larger population in Provo a larger high school will be needed.

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