Weekly Hashtag: #BYUnickelndimed


Natalie Bothwell
Russell DeJesus
Eagle Mountain, UT
Physical and developmental biology

“I had a $132 book for my chemistry class. And then I have a biology textbook that was $150-something.”

Natalie Bothwell
Travis Harris
Layton, UT

“One of my textbooks was $198 used. I only took two classes this semester, so it was about $300 for textbooks. That’s not the worst I’ve ever had.”

Natalie Bothwell
Sarah Stringham
Salt Lake City, UT

“I paid $730 for all of my textbooks. I bought them used, but I’m going to try and sell them back.”

Natalie Bothwell
Andrew Earl
Orem, UT
Molecular biology

“If I bought them all at the bookstore it would have been extremely expensive, but I didn’t buy any at the bookstore. One of them would have been like $120 plus the solutions manual which was $120, but instead I got it for $20 on Amazon.”

Natalie Bothwell
Bryce Johnson
Temecula, CA
Genetics and biotechnology

“It was only for one class, Spanish 101. That book cost between $140 or $160, but all of my other books were between $5 and $20 because I could borrow them from friends.”

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