Police Beat Sept. 11-18



General Notification: The act of flooding the field, as exemplified at LaVell Edwards Stadium on Saturday Sept. 12, is trespassing. University Police Lt. Arnold Lemmon said, “We have cited and will continue citing for it.”  Trespassing is subject to criminal prosecution.


Sept. 11 — A locked bicycle, valued at $320, was stolen (including the lock) at the Life Science Building.

Sept. 12 — Two male students entered the LaVell Edwards Stadium for the BYU football game using forged work passes. The passes were recognized as forgeries and reported to the police. Charges are pending.

Sept. 12 — A male student reported a blue Nike pull string bag containing sunglasses, a sweatshirt and a white shirt stolen or lost after the football game. The bag was estimated at a $5 value.

Sept. 14 — An unlocked bicycle was stolen at the University Parkway Center from an international student studying English. Because of her circumstances, the officer gave the student a new bicycle.

Sept. 15 — Two students were playing soccer on the Richards Building Field and the ball went over a fence onto the street. One student went to retrieve the ball and saw a black car with silver rims stop. An occupant grabbed the ball and doive away. The stolen soccer ball is valued at $40.

Sept. 15 — While visiting the Creamery on Ninth, a woman left her purse on a table for a short period of time. When she returned the purse was gone and the police were notified. University Police apprehended a 33-year-old woman. Police believe she took the purse into the restroom and removed gift cards and other small miscellaneous items and threw the purse in the trash. University Police believe the woman is not associated with BYU.

Sept. 15 — A female student left her backpack unattended in a Wilkinson Student Center women’s restroom. Someone came in, opened the backpack and removed an Mac laptop valued at $1,500. The computer was not recovered.

Sept. 16 — A locked Trek bicycle, valued at $500, was stolen outside of the Taylor building, the clinic on 900 East. The bicycle lock was cut.

Sept. 16 — A male student was caught shoplifting three textbooks at the BYU Store. The value of the books was $130.  He was arrested, cited and released. The student was very cooperative.

Sept. 18 — A Specialized-brand bike, valued at $600, was stolen outside of Heritage 10. The bike was grey and black.


Sept. 12 — During the football game, a man wearing a Boise State football jersey was attacked from behind. The attacker ripped the top half of his shirt. The man didn’t see his attacker and did not get hurt. An nvestigation is in progress.


Sept. 12 — A 17-year-old boy from St. George used his father’s credit card at LaVell Edwards Stadium during the game against Boise State to purchase a bottle of water. About an hour later two purchases were made on the card, but this time at AutoZone in Tijuana, Mexico. This case is under investigation.

Sept. 17 — A student received a credit card in the mail with her Social Security card number from an unfamiliar bank. The case is under investigation.

Sept. 17 —   A student recently purchased a car with cash. He received a call from someone representing a corporation about an auto loan for a recent car purchase. The caller asked for his Social Security number, and he gave it to them. The case is still under investigation, but is classified as identity theft and fraud.

Sept. 18 — A student received a suspicious phone call. It was a scam telling her that that she won a prize of $9,700. The person on the other line told the student to send them a check to cover mailing the prize money, and they will send the victim the prize money in return.  The phone number was untraceable.

Criminal Mischief/Property Damage

Sept. 17 — A 2015 Corvette, parked in Lot 41, east of Budge Hall, was keyed on the rear panel of a car. There is no suspect at this time.

Sept. 17 — Damage was done to a vehicle, but the victim wanted to inquire after a video to not submit a formal report. No investigation will be taking place.

Sept. 17 — Outside the Wilkinson Student Center trees were harmed by an advertisement for a ChillFest in Lehi, Utah that was stapled on them. It was reported by a BYU administrator. The police are investigating.

Child Abuse

Sept. 15 — At Wymount Terrace, a man was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail for physically abusing his 10 month-old son. The situation was reported by an neighbor.  According the police, abuse had been occurring of the past two months with multiple incidents.

Traffic Accident

Sept. 18th — A motorcyclist crashed. There was some damage done the the vehicle, but no injury to the people involved.




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