Cosmo hugs Utah’s mascot at Brad Paisley concert

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Cosmo, Brad Paisley and Swoop embrace onstage during Brad Paisley’s concert in Salt Lake City. (Twitter)

Two well-known rival mascots made amends, just for a moment, at Brad Paisley’s Salt Lake City concert Saturday, Sept. 21 during his song, “Country Nation.”

Cosmo, BYU’s Cougar mascot, and Swoop, University of Utah’s red-tailed hawk mascot, made special appearances during Paisley’s number.

Brad Paisley’s tweet after his Salt Lake City concert. Cosmo made a special appearance during the song, “Country Nartion.” (Twitter)

Paisley started the song by changing into a jersey that represented both BYU and the University of Utah. Paisley explained that his song was about coming together, and that he wanted everyone to put their differences aside during the song.

At one point in his song, Paisley announced that BYU was leading UCLA 7–3 and the University of Utah was leading Fresno State 10–3.

Paisley’s “Crushin’ It” World Tour began May 15 in Philadelphia and ends Oct. 3 in Florida. Hit songs he performed include “River Bank,” “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” “Moonshine In The Trunk” and “Celebrity.” He sang “Online,” “Then” and “Alcohol” during the encore.

At the end of “Country Nation,” Paisley sang, “We’re the Cougars … and we’re the Utes. We’re one big country nation.”

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