Weekly Hashtag—#MySummerSendoff

Ari Davis
Tanner Nelson
Henderson, NV

—”We’re going to a buddy’s house to watch movies, play games, that kind of thing. We’re doing a bonfire or campfire too. Maybe we’ll find some old textbooks to burn!”

Ari Davis
Devin Ward
Acworth, GA

“My brother and sister-in-law are in town. We’ll go to Salt Lake, hang out, have some fun. My wife just had a baby, though, and I just finished a semester—so I don’t really have a summer to send off.”

Ari Davis
Kayla Baird
Heber City, UT
Math Education

“A group of friends and I are going to hike Mount Timpanogos on Friday night so we can see the sunrise on Saturday morning.”

Ari Davis
Andrea Mann
Visalia, CA
Business (Finance emphasis)

“I might be going to the Mona Rope Swing, playing tennis, hiking, whatever else comes up—if there’s a dance party, definitely that.”

Ari Davis
McKennah Wade
St. George, UT
Family Studies

“My husband and I are going to Midway. My in-laws are coming up and we’re hanging out at a cabin.”

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