Back to school preparations begin for BYU students

Maddi Dayton
A student gears up for school. Some students have familiar routines that they participate in before the beginning of every school year. (Maddi Dayton)

Fall semester means coming back to school after a much-needed summer break, and students at Brigham Young University prepare for the new school year in a variety of ways.

Andrea Barney, a senior from Alpine studying political science, said that she prepares for school by purchasing her books in advance. “I usually buy all my books at the bookstore to make sure they don’t run out first,” Barney said.

Barney added that she will compare prices online and return the books if they are cheaper somewhere else, but she likes to be prepared for her classes by purchasing books at the bookstore to ensure she gets the right materials for her classes.

She also said that her preparations for the upcoming semester are different than previous semesters. “I’m just not stressed,” Barney said. “I know how many credits I’m taking and the work load that it requires. I know where all my classes are.”

Barney mentioned that she also goes shopping to prepare for school. “I get a few cute things for my apartment to make it more homey,” she said.

Back to school preparations vary from student to student.

“I haven’t even registered for classes yet, and I have no idea where I’m even going to live,” said Annelise Duque, a senior in the studio art program from Rexburg. “Usually I’m super prepared. Not this time.”

Duque said that she experiences a bit of panic while preparing for school. “I buy a lot of school supplies like pencils and notebooks to feel better,” Duque said. She also said that she always buys new school clothes before fall semester.

Incoming freshman Ivy Dean, from Powell, Ohio, said she is working hard to prepare herself for her first semester at BYU. “I am learning life skills like cooking and laundry. Also, talking with roommates, shopping for my dorm room, and trying to learn all of the software available,” Dean said. She mentioned that her family has the tradition of having a big back to school dinner on the last night of summer.

Dean added that she thinks she will continue to prepare for every fall semester by using the skills she is learning now, and is most looking forward to making new friends and living in a new place as a freshman.

Dean also said that her preparations for college are very different from anything she has experienced before. “On top of school, I’m learning to live on my own,” Dean said.

The first day of Fall Semester 2015 at BYU is August 31.

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