Police Beat 08.03





In the middle of the afternoon an individual was reported placing fliers on vehicles at Wyview. When an officer arrived the individual had already fled the area.


An officer responded to noise disturbance at the Tanner Building late in the evening. After the officer found the disturbance to be a group of individuals, the group promised to be more quiet.


Missing Person

Provo Police have announced that a private donor has pledged an additional $10,000 reward for information that leads the discovery of Elizabeth Salgado. The total reward for the discovery of Salgado is $25,000. Salgado disappeared from Provo on April 16, and officials believe she likely knew her kidnapper. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact officials at 801-852-7307.



The Orem Police Department asked the public for help via social media to identify a man who was involved with a robbery. Within two days of asking the public for help the man was identified and police were preparing to make an arrest.

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