Police Beat 07.06 – 07.13




July 9 – Officials reported to a home looking for a runaway 15-year-old girl. The girl was located in a closet in the home. A man at the home was cited for harboring a runaway.


July 9 – A man was cited after he was caught in the act of changing price tags on merchandise at Wal-Mart.

Child Neglect

July 9 – A 9-year-old girl called police to inform officials that her mother was intoxicated. When police arrived they discovered the mother was over three times the legal alcohol limit. The girl was turned over to relative and the mother was charged for intoxication and child neglect.


Criminal Mischief

July 8 – Individuals were reported throwing water balloons at cars near Helaman Halls in the middle of the night. Officers caught the individuals and issued citations.


July 7 – A bicycle was reported missing near Heritage Halls. The bicycle was later located at another parking lot.

July 7 – At Wymount Terrace several individuals fell victim to a scam and lost money on a false Internet advertisement of a car.


July 7 – Officers responded to an individual trespassing in a closed area of LaVell Edwards Stadium.



July 6-13 – Nearly 30 incidences of theft were reported to the Provo Police Department over the last week. Reports include, bicycle theft, shoplifting and taking items from parked vehicles and from homes.




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