Maddi Dayton
Laura Peterson, math education, Cercseo, Michigan

Laura Peterson loves the Brisbane, Australia temple. She said she’s biased because she got back from serving her mission in Australia six months ago. She was able to attend the temple every transfer for about six months when serving in the area. It has similar architectural design as her home temple in Detroit, Michigan. “When I went there for the first time, it felt like I was going home,” Peterson said. The temple sits on bluffs and cliffs. “You can see it glowing if you’re on the bus coming back from the city at night,” she said.

Maddi Dayton
Lily Stice,

Lily Stice and her family are from Hong Kong and were able to witness the building of the Honk Kong temple, which makes it her favorite temple. Her family was able to participate in the dedicatory celebrations, making it even more memorable. The temple is located in the middle of the city, but “it’s small and nice,” Stice said. Stice’s family has lived in Utah for 17 years, but she wants to be able to go back to Hong Kong to work and attend her favorite temple more often. Stice said the most unique, and her favorite, quality about the Hong Kong temple is the outside. “It’s very boxey,” she said.

Maddi Dayton
Spencer Low,
Chemical engineering,
Heber City

Spencer Low doesn’t have a favorite temple. He appreciates the fact that all temples, though they have different architecture, have the same spirit. “It’s a temple; they all have the same purpose,” he said. When Low does temple work he attends either the Provo temple or the Salt Lake City temple. He used to live close to Provo Center Street, so he is especially excited for the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple. “I love temples,” he said. “I just don’t put one temple above the others.”

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