Take a trip to Greece!

Tourists bike through Greece. Greece has become a lot cheaper as a destination.
Tourists bike through Greece. Greece has become a lot cheaper as a destination.

Greece’s economic state is poor, yet many individuals have found that the country is the perfect place to capitalize on cheaper traveling costs. Students can take advantage of less-expensive travel opportunities.

Here are the top four reasons why traveling to Greece is a good idea.

1. Cheap travel

While many love traveling, it is an expense that does not always fit in a student’s tight budget. Finding a good deal for travel can create priceless memories. Traveling to Greece at the moment comes with a small price tag.

Scott Webb, assistant teaching professor in the global supply chain department at BYU, recently returned from traveling to Greece.

“Because the economy is so weak everyone is very eager to do business,” he said.

According to Webb, the Greek people need to do business with tourists to help themselves financially but also to help the country’s economic crisis. The locals in Greece are willing to give good deals to tourists.

2. Friendly

Greek people have a reputation of being kind to tourists. Those planning to travel to Greece can expect a warm welcome from the locals.

Webb recently went on a study abroad to eight European countries, including Greece, with business students. Out of the eight countries, Webb and his students noticed that the Greek people stood out for their kindness to Americans.

A University of Southern California student, Marie Vazelakis, travels to Greece annually to visit family and to vacation.

Tourists pose for a picture in front of some Greek ruins.
Tourists pose for a picture in front of some Greek ruins.

“The locals in Greece love tourists because most of the economy comes from tourism,” Vazelakis said. “I will definitely go back next year because it is beautiful and a lot cheaper, so I can stay longer.”

3. Safety

Although Greece is in rough economic times, the country is still a safe place to travel.

Ken Stiles, professor in political science department, said the economic crisis in Greece will not negatively affect tourism, though he does offer some tips for students who choose to travel to Greece.

“Always check with the state department travel advisory before traveling out of the country,” Stiles said. “And bring lots of cash with you because you may not be able to get any there.”

Webb said he felt extremely safe when he visited the country and does not foresee any kind of trouble for tourists’ safety.

“Financially it will be a mess, but for the next five years it is going to be a great time to visit Greece,” Webb said.

4. More than just Athens

Webb also offered some advice to students who are considering Greece as a future travel destination.

“We often think of Greece as Athens, but I think the gems are the islands in Greece; they are so beautiful. It’s like stepping back into time 100 years ago,” Webb said.

The mainland of Greece, Athens specifically, has rich history and interesting places to visit. The 6,000 islands off of Greece offer a vacation from the busy Greek city vacation.

Santorini is one of the more well-known islands. It overlooks a sunken volcanic crater and is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset overlooking the water.

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