Police Beat 07.06



Auto Theft

July 6 — Officials are looking for a 2009 Honda Civic that has been reported stolen. They know who stole the car; they just don’t know where to find the thief or vehicle.


July 6 — A man was arrested at Walmart after shoplifting. When the man was searched officials discovered he was in possession of heroin.


July 6 — A home was burglarized near 1000 North and 1000 West. To enter the home the burglar forced open a sliding glass door.


July 6 — A man was arrested after hitting a parked car when it was discovered that the man was driving under the influence.

Drug Possession

July 6 — Two Orem police officers discovered meth and heroin while assisting Utah Highway Patrol during a traffic stop.


Public Indecency

June 29 — An officer responded to a report of waste matter being placed on the stair of the Smith Fieldhouse.


June 29 — Officers responded to an individual who reported being harassed at Wymount Terrace.


June 26 — Individuals were discovered trespassing in a closed area of the Richards Building. The individuals were informed the area was closed and then escorted by police away from the area.


June 25 — An individual reported chalk graffiti in Brigham Square. The grounds department responded and removed the chalk.


June 24 — Owners of two different unsecured vehicles reported having items take from their vehicles. Both vehicles were parked near the Ellsworth Building.

June 25 — An individual reported theft from an unsecured vehicle located at the Cannon Center. Police report that this case has no foundation due to the theft occurring in another jurisdiction.


Hot Air Balloon Crash

July 3 — A hot air balloon went down during an annual hot air balloon event. The pilot of the balloon received minor burns but was released on scene.

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