Playing with fire safely


Provo firework restrictions have been set for places, dates and times to ensure proper firework discharge.

According to Provo Police and Fire and Rescue, firework safety should be at the forefront of Fourth of July festivities. Both amateur and professional pyrotechnists face several restrictions to ensure holiday safety.

“We have done our best to partner with Provo Parks and Recreation to provide safe places to discharge fireworks,” Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield said in a statement regarding firework restrictions. “We hope that everyone will use common sense and the options that we have provided to help us ensure a safe, fire-free holiday.”

In order to ensure a fire-free holiday Provo City only allows fireworks to be discharged from July 1 through July 7, and then July 21 through July 27. In addition to these dates, certain areas face a firework ban.

“There are certain areas that are completely restricted, prohibited, cannot have (fireworks) at all,” said Public Information Officer Lt. Brandon Post. “Anywhere where you’re getting up toward the mountain and where there could be fires.”

Post said that within discharge dates there are only certain hours of the day when firework discharge is allowed — 11:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m., except on July 4 and 24, when the firework curfew is extended to midnight.

“If there’s people lighting fireworks outside the allowed timeframe, then often we get called and we issue a citation,” Post said. The citation is a summons to court; however, individuals often have the option to simply pay a fine in lieu of going to court.

“Just be safe and be aware, take time, use fireworks as they’re intended to be used. Make sure there is an area clear around where you’re lighting fireworks so everyone can enjoy it safely,” Post said. He also said there is an inherent danger with fireworks.

For professional firework shows like Stadium of Fire, months of preparation and planning ensure that everything runs smoothly and everyone remains safe.

“Exciting!” Scott Schriber said when asked  about the  Stadium of Fire event this Saturday. Schriber is a pyrotechnist for Firestorm Pyrotechnics. Firestorm Pyrotechnics is one of the companies in charge of the Stadium of Fire fireworks display this Fourth of July.

Firestorm Pyrotechnics strictly follows regulation from the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency). NFPA, a worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing fires, has a code called NFPA 1123, which sets forth guidelines for shooting off fireworks.

NFPA 1123 includes specific guidelines for firework construction, handling, transportation and fallout distance. Schriber explained that this “pyro guidebook” is specific in detailing exact rules so everyone participating in a firework show remains safe. Fallout distance is important when shooting off fireworks; the larger the fireworks the larger the fallout distance, he explained.

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