Planning a successful staycation

For people unable to travel during their time off, Netflix has been a fun option for viewers wanting to get into a new television show.
For people unable to travel during their time off, Netflix has been a fun option for viewers wanting to get into a new television show.

A staycation takes a little planning, just like a normal vacation.

Provo and Orem have some great places to start a staycation; before the excitement peaks, there are a few rules to cover.

noun, informal, /ˌstāˈkāSHn/
A vacation spent in the comfort of your own home, or close to home. May include day trips to local attractions.

1. Plan ahead
Plan a budget dedicated to this trip and have the money set aside. Planning ahead makes for less stress during the staycation.

2. Limited phone use
Don’t check phone messages more than three times during the day. This ensures less stress from emergencies, and less unneeded distraction by news or messages. This includes work emails, texts or calls.

3. No morning routine
Sleep in for once. Don’t set an alarm, don’t think about how long the shower’s been running, don’t rush breakfast. If possible, eat breakfast in bed and stay in pajamas as long as possible. Enjoy a relaxing morning.

Avoid routines in general. If it’s part of a daily routine, it’s off limits.

With a few established rules, Provo and Orem have some great places to start a staycation while still following all the rules.

4. A spa day is a must
Any vacation isn’t really a vacation unless there is a spa day. This includes bath salts, painted nails, a facial. This includes the guys too. Provo and Orem offer a selection of spas and salons with a range of different perks and prices.

Serenity Salon & Day Spa offers a $90 package featuring a half hour massage a facial and a pedicure.
Premier Day Spa and Salon offers a $200 package that includes a sauna, a signature massage, a European facial, a spa manicure and pedicure and lunch from Café Fresh.
Pureza Spa has a variety of different massages ranging from Shiatsu massages to deep tissue massages or massages with hot rocks.

Be conscious of the previously planned budget, but don’t hesitate to let loose a little.

5. Sleep somewhere else
The usual bed is off limits. Sleep in a different room, a hammock, under the stars. As long as it’s not in the normal bed or the usual room, it doesn’t matter.

Hines Mansion has only nine rooms, so you won’t have to worry about it being overloaded. It is Provo’s only luxury bed and breakfast inn and offers an ambiance of “modern amenities” with a classic “Victorian polish,” according to its website.
5th East Hall has a bed and breakfast with themed suites to make people feel like they’re anywhere from Cancun to Rome.

6. New food
That one restaurant down the street that’s been a tease for the last month or so? Try it.

Try something different from Cafe Rio or Panda Express. If you’re to Provo, park on Center Street or University and walk until something stands out.

Banana Leaf uses a variety of spices and flavors targeted to give customers a dining experience like they’re in Singapore.
Wild Ginger specializes in sushi, Hibachi steak and traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern flair.
El Mexsal restaurant is a more casual restaurant serving authentic Salvadoran dishes for a student-friendly price.
India Palace has a flavorful lunch buffet and specializes in traditional Pakistani and Indian food.
Black Sheep Café is a more contemporary cuisine featuring Southwestern Native American dishes.

7. New places

Today’s the day to discover the undiscovered. All of the tourist stops that have never been appealing before, those are the places to go.

This is easily done without any research and is actually a fun game to play. First, pick a means of transportation. Then choose a random direction. Wal, findsomething interesting and explore.

Sometimes it’s best to have an unplanned adventure, like those early childhood days. Another option is looking up local events.

8. Historical and past places
Another option is visiting memorable places from a long time ago. The local park where you met your spouse, or the first restaurant you ate at upon moving into town. Strolling down memory lane is encouraged on a staycation.

Take a tour of some historic buildings through Provo, which features 22 pioneer buildings dating back to as early as 1849.

If the Provo Library isn’t one of your usual stops, check out its historic history. While you’re at it, get a book to read outside after a sunny picnic at the park.

All of those beautiful dates you’ve been on? Go again.

9. Do anything
Learn a new skill, take naps, and many of them. Pick something, and do it. Time isn’t measured on a staycation. Take the time to cross some things off of your bucket list.

Color Me Mine lets patrons take a piece of pottery and paint it. Hand-make a souvenir. Thanksgiving Point is always a fun tourist stop. Buy a new game and play it. Go to a comedy or music event. Explore the music or comedic scene on a weekend at The Velour or Gezzo Hall. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a day class like dancing or cooking to learn a simple skill.

10. Do nothing
What’s great about a vacation in the first place is doing nothing at all. It’s OK to do nothing. Sit and stare; just think. It may be the most calming thing to do on a staycation. No planning or money needed, just breathing and serenity.

Staycationing is a wonderful replacement for a vacation. Just remember to follow the rules, do new things and relax.

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