New BYU campus film and photo policy


Students and visitors on BYU campus must be familiar with its new Filming and Photography on Campus Policy before snapping selfies or capturing picturesque moments on campus.

The recently published policy outlines when students and visitors can and cannot film or photograph on campus.

“We want students to know that this policy does not prevent them from taking pictures on campus for their own personal use or to post on their social media sites,” said President of University Communications Assistant Carri Jenkins. “We want students to capture the memories that they make here at BYU.”

As the policy points out, “Individuals, including visitors to campus, may take video and photographs for personal use that are unobtrusive, are in keeping with other campus policies, and do not interrupt campus programs, classes, or activities.”

For students who have been assigned to film or take photographs on campus as part of an academic project, they must get approval for their project idea from the professor or another university academic adviser.

Faculty members or other academic advisers who approve student plans to film or photograph on campus are to ensure that the activity complies with all university policies.

“We encourage faculty to be familiar with this policy, which is quite brief,” Jenkins said. “We also ask that any projects not interrupt campus programs, classes and activities.”

According to Jenkins, the Filming and Photography on Campus Policy is particularly directed toward those who want to film on campus for promotional, marketing, commercial, advocacy, political or similar purposes.

“The policy is also there for individuals whose work on YouTube or other digital platforms (is) aimed at generating income,” Jenkins said.

Political candidates may not use photographs or video taken on campus for campaign purposes, nor can groups or individuals film or photograph for documentaries or advocacy campaigns without university approval.

For more information regarding the BYU Filming and Photography on Campus Policy, please visit the university’s website:

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