Water fun in Utah

Natali Wyson
The BYU Sailing Club held a race at Utah Lake last Saturday. The race was somewhat difficult for the participants because of the lack of wind, but racers still had a good time.

Utah is a great place for water activities in the summer. Whether you like swimming, boating, fishing or just hanging out on the beach, Utah has a place for you.

1. Lakes: According to Utah.com there are more than 100 bodies of water in Utah suitable for boating. Some of the most popular are Lake Powell, on the Arizona-Utah border; Bear Lake, on the Idaho-Utah border; and Flaming Gorge, on the Wyoming-Utah border.

2. Fishing: Fishermen don’t have to travel far. According to the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Utah Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Utah, and fishermen can find catfish, walleye, white bass, black bass and several species of panfish.

3. Rope swings: According to KSL, the Burriston Ponds Rope Swings in Mona are only 45 minutes south of Provo and has two rope swings to enjoy.

4. Beaches: Utah has some nice stretches of beach. According to USA Today, Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake, has white-sand beaches and is great for swimming and boating as well. Spanish Oaks Reservoir at Spanish Fork Canyon is a popular beach spot.

5. Tubing: According to Provo-Canyon-On-Water, the Provo River is great for kayaking, canoeing or tubing. Just taking an inner tube and floating along from Deer Creek Dam and Reservoir to Vivian Park is a fun and relaxing water activity.

6. Hot springs: The Fifth Water Hot Springs in Diamond Fork Canyon are close by, have springs with several different temperatures and just take a short, easy hike to access. Directions can be found at Everytrail.com.

Utah has state parks with great places for swimming and boating. A complete list of sites, as well as current park weather conditions, an be found on the Utah State Parks website.

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