Police Beat: May 18 – June 1




May 16 –– Officers responded to individuals trespassing in a closed area of LaVell Edwards Stadium. Upon arrival it was discovered the individuals had permission to be there.

May 20 – Officers responded to individuals in a restricted area of LaVell Edwards Stadium. The individuals were not authorized and were escorted off the premise.

May 26– Officers issued citations to individuals in a restricted area of LaVell Edwards Stadium


May 19 – An unsecured bicycle was taken from a bike rack. The bike has been reported to the national database

May 26 – Individual reported a stolen article at the Harold B. Lee Library. Officers arrived to find that the article was retrieved by the owner.

May 27 – An individual reported that clothing had been taken from the laundromat of Wymount.


May 23– Officers responded to a report that children were left in the car at the Creamery parking lot.

Disorderly Conduct

May 23– Unidentified items were reportedly tossed at cars in Helaman Halls. Police also located graffiti in the area. Grounds was notified for cleanup.



May 18 – An LDS church building located near 200 S. was burglarized.

May 26 – A business near 1200 W was burgarized. Police are following up.


May 18 – A 2007 Toyota Camry was stolen from the parking lot of the Orem Rec Center. Police believe keys were stolen from victims locker. Police are reviewing surveillance tape.

May 26– Police recovered a stolen vehicle

May 27- A woman’s cell phone was reported stolen while shopping at Walgreen’s.


May 26– A six year old girl was attacked by a neighbors Bull Mastiff. She was bit several times. The dog has been quarantined and the girl is expected to recover.


May 18– 2 Minors were charged after being caught shoplifting at the University Mall.

May 26– A man was caught stealing over $600 of LEGO’s. He was caught by the loss prevention officers. Orem Police are still trying to identify the man. On the same day two individuals were also cited for shoplifting at the local Wal-Mart.

May 28– A woman was cited for attempting to shoplift DVD’s from Wal-Mart


May 26– Two men were cited for driving under the influence.

Drug Possession

May 27– Officers stopped a car for traffic violations. Upon inspection the man was arrested for traffic offenses, warrants and possession of meth.



May 28– A 22 year old man was arrested for driving under the influence. While trying to evade police he crashed his car into a home.


May 27– A man attempted to steal a woman’s purse outside the Rancho Market. He failed in his attempts. Police are still attempting to identify the man.

Sexual Exploitation

May 22– Police released statement that they had arrested 18 year old Carlos Felix for distributing nude photos of high school aged male students. Felix was also charged with assault after a minor aged girl refused to help him acquire more nude photos.

Provo Police still investigating the whereabouts of Elizabeth Salgado, 26. Salgado was last seen April 16

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