Possible end to Triple Crown drought

Horseback rider comes back to the ranch after a scenic ride through the mountains. Rocky Mountain Outfitters guides several tours a day. (RMO)
Horseback rider comes back to the ranch after a scenic ride through the mountains. Rocky Mountain Outfitters guides several tours a day. (RMO)

It’s been 37 years since a thoroughbred has won the Triple Crown. During that time span 14 horses have completed the first two stages of the  three part feat but failed to win the Belmont Stakes.

American Pharaoh looks to become only the 12th horse to win the Triple Crown as it gallops around the 1.5 mile track this June at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. Although attendance has been capped at 90,000 for this year’s Belmont Stakes, horse enthusiasts are waiting — and hoping — to see a Triple Crown victory by American Pharaoh and Victor Espinoza.

The race excitement has reached Provo where many students will be tuning in to see if history will be made on June 6. “This is a very exciting time in sports and especially for horse enthusiasts like myself,” said Lauren Turville, who has been riding and competing all over the country for more than 10 years. “It doesn’t matter what I’m doing: competing, trail riding or even watching major horse races, it’s just fun for me to be around horses,” Turville said. Turville and friends plan to watch the race together while dressed in their gaudy attire.

With the spiked interest in horses, many hopeful riders are searching for way to satisfy their inner cowboy/cowgirl. There are plenty of places throughout Utah that provide horse enthusiasts grounds to saddle up. “You can find challenging, mountainous rides or casual lakeside trails all over. It doesn’t matter what you’re riding ability is there are plenty of trails to explore,” Turville stated. She prefers Utah’s vistas as her backdrop rather than any other state. “One of my favorite places to ride, here in Utah, is up in the Uinta Mountains. But, there are places in the valley to ride, like Dimple Dale Riding Park, which is a good alternative if you don’t want to travel very far.”

For the novice rider who is looking for a little more assistance with improving their riding skills, Rocky Mountain Outfitters, winner of the “2013 Endorsed Guide Service of the Year” award, offers several guided horseback tours spanning throughout the day. Diana Hogg, marketing and sales manager at Rocky Mountain Outfitters said, “For those who love to be outside and do adventurous things, but not be scared to death, this is a great option.”

Riders won’t be racing against the field or jumping hurdles on a guided tour with Rocky Mountain Outfitters. A cowboy guide customizes your trip to help you listen to the sounds of nature while riding on your horse. “People that horseback ride develop a love for horses,” Hogg said. “And our guides love showing people how much fun and enjoyment is to be had while riding horseback.”

“It gives me time to think and it’s cool to have a connection with an animal. Riders must have a lot of trust because it’s a sport where you are not all the way in control, which makes your accomplishments more rewarding,” Turville said.


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