How to make a quick buck


BYU students have found a few extra ways to bring in more cash this summer, from donating plasma to creating online shops.

Here are four simple ways to earn an extra dollar or two for additional savings or spending cash:

1. Donating plasma

Michelle Wright used to donate plasma with her friends several times a month before she got married. “It was just a nice, easy way to make some spending money,” Wright said.

Wright said it was relaxed, and she would suggest it to everyone. “You pretty much just get paid to go in and watch a movie.”

Wright said a donor can also sit by a friend or spouse and chit chat if preferred. “It’s a great deal to go with your spouse because then it’s that money times two. I would make about $45 a week,” Wright said. She made enough to pay for her groceries or fun activities for the month.

2. Online surveys

BYU student Lydia Brewer recently started doing online surveys. “I use Opinion Outpost to take online surveys. It is pretty cool because the site takes you to the surveys directly,” she said.

Brewer said it is a great way to make a little cash in a small amount of time.

“It isn’t the fastest way to earn money. Each one pays around 50 cents, but when I’m at work and have an extra minute or two, it’s great to earn money while earning money,” she said.

Each of these surveys takes about five minutes to complete according to the website; a student could make around $6 by working on them for about an hour.

There are many online survey websites out there, so before trying them be sure to check to make sure they are not scams.

3. Food testing for the Sensory Lab

Feeling hungry? At the Sensory Lab on BYU campus, students sign up to do a food-tasting panel and get compensated a whopping $3 to do so. According to the Sensory Lab website, students who qualify for a panel set an appointment and come in to do the food testing. All the lab needs is basic information. Students can go to for more information about how to sign up for the panels.

4. Etsy shop

Turn a hobby or creative mind into an online business through opening an Etsy shop. An Etsy shop allows people to have a personal online shop to sell homemade, vintage and crafted goods to consumers from all over the country. Recently graduated BYU student Mallory Baker set up her own Etsy shop selling personalized vinyls. “Finding something that I love and making a job out of it is one of the best decisions I have made,” she said.

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