Worst natural disasters


Natural disasters wreak havoc and ruin the lives of people both in the country affected and around the world, especially those who have friends or family in the area. Nepal is currently in a state of recovery after suffering from double earthquakes earlier this year, but it is not the only country still feeling the effects of a major catastrophe this century.

Information about how to assist the relief efforts in Nepal: Nepal’s 2nd quake strengthens humanitarian efforts

Niranjan Shrestha

2015 Nepal: Earthquake

7.8 Magnitude
8,000 people killed
16,000 injured
Triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest and in the Langtang valley
Hundreds of thousands homeless

2011 Japan: Earthquake/Tsunami

19,000 people killed
3 nuclear reactors melted
228,863 people left homeless
1,148,067 buildings damaged

2010 Haiti: Earthquake

7.0 magnitude
314,000 people killed
280,000 buildings and homes damaged
Landmarks and government buildings destroyed


2008 China: Earthquake

7.9 magnitude
87,000 people killed
18,222 missing
4.8 million left homeless
Many of those killed were children at schools during the earthquake

2008 Myanmar: Cyclone Nargis

138,000 people killed
Damages estimated at over $10 million
Entire farming villages washed away

2005 Pakistan: Earthquake

7.6 magnitude
80,000 people killed
4 million left homeless

2004 Indonesia: Earthquake/Tsunami

9.3 magnitude
Second-strongest earthquake ever recorded in history
230,000 people killed in multiple countries

2003 Iran: Earthquake

6.6 magnitude
26,000 people killed
30,000 injured
85-90% of buildings and infrastructure damaged or destroyed
100,000 left homeless

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