Weekly Hashtag: #BYUCurrentlyReading


Books are magic.

They have transformative properties. A reader can see life through a different pair of eyes. Books can also be addictive, causing readers to stay up for hours until they finish or crash, whichever comes first.

Books have been banned, burned, analyzed, dissected and discussed. They create new authors, inspire movies and television series. They can bring people together in delightful discussions, or divide them in arguments over who the main character really should date.

So tell us: what’s the book you’re currently reading? Is it a textbook for a class, or is it a re-read of the Harry Potter series? What books make you happy? Make you cry? Yell in anguish? Have you ever literally thrown a book across the room because you were so angry with the characters? What fuels your passion?

Submit your posts using the hashtag #BYUCurrentlyReading on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. The best ones will be published online and in print.

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