Weekly Hashtags: #BYUSpringFever


Spring is in the air, and so is the pollen. Perhaps you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, or wishing for some thrilling summer lightning storms to calm your sinuses.

Spring term brings compact classes, study sessions on the lawn and naps in the sun. It brings smaller wards. Provo’s Bike Prom will be held on May 15. The Rooftop Concert Series is starting soon.¬†There’s swimming, long-boarding, bicycling and evening walks.

Will you master your organic chemistry class? Will you finally summit Timpanogas? Will you run the Y four times in one day? Go skydiving?

Is it all the weddings of your friends whose invitations are clogging up the front of your refrigerator? Is it your own impending wedding and your fabulous honeymoon?

So what’s your spring fever? What are you most excited about this spring term?

Share your own spring fever using the hashtag #BYUspringfever on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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