Weekly Hashtags: #AnxiouslyEngaged


Wedding Season is coming.

Depending on your perspective (and your relationship status), spring at BYU can either be the most dreaded or most exciting time of the year.

Signs you’re experiencing Wedding Season:

If you’re a guest, your events list on Facebook begins to look a lot like this:

You plan your social life around the many weddings/receptions/open houses you have been invited to.

You only buy outfits in the color schemes of your friends’ weddings.

You cut back your monthly expenditures to take into account all the money you’ll spend on gas and presents.

You discover that it is actually possible to get sick of cake.

You’re really, really happy for your friends…but you’re a tiny bit resentful of how much time and money you’ve invested into their special day.

You secretly wonder when it will be your turn.

If you’re the one getting married, you spend all your free time finalizing the details of your wedding so nothing will go wrong.

You have spent entirely too much time on your wedding Pinterest board planning the perfect centerpieces, photograph options and guest book ideas.

You forgot that finals are even a thing.

Your apartment is full of decorations and presents you have no place to store.

You worry about how to help your two families get along, and how to make everyone happy.

You are counting down the days until all the wedding stress is gone and your happily ever after can begin.

In short, you are anxiously engaged.

Share your thoughts and experiences with Wedding Season with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #AnxiouslyEngaged. The best tweets and pictures will be featured on our website at the end of the week.

Good luck.

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