Police Beat March 9–March 15



Domestic Violence

March 9 — Officers responded to a report of an altercation, but when they arrived, they found no altercation had occurred.

Disorderly Conduct

March 10 — Officers responded to a report of a parking disagreement.


March 11 — An individual reported an unattended cellphone taken from the area.




March 10 — Detectives booked 21-year-old Provo resident Andy Anderson into the Utah County Jail for the 12th time on March 10 on charges of forgery, issuing a fraudulent check and possession of stolen property.




March 15 — The police broke up a fight at a party when one man assaulted another after he hit on his girlfriend.


March 12 — An officer stopped two teenagers who had taken a motorized shopping scooter from a local retailer. The scooter was returned, and the two kids were released to their parents.

March 13 — An Orem woman suspects her son stole her wallet to get money to support a drug habit. Police are currently looking for her son.

March 13 — A man and woman stole some money from a tip jar at a local business. Police are working to get video surveillance.


March 15 — An officer responded to the mall on a report of people in a car smoking something out of a pipe. The car was searched, and a large amount of meth and heroin was found. The driver was arrested for DUI, and one of the passengers was arrested for possessing the drugs.

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