Weekly Hashtags: #BYUSpringBreak


The cry often heard on BYU campus around this time of year is, “Why don’t we get spring break?”

Spring break is a given at most schools in the United States, but BYU is one of the few that doesn’t offer a week-long spring holiday. As the weather warms and friends at other colleges post pictures from the beach, BYU students begin to think that maybe it would be worth it to end the semester a week later in order to have one holiday to break up the monotony of the school year.

If you feel like you have a really compelling reason for why we need a spring break, or if you’ve ever dreamed of what you would do with a week off, share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #BYUSpringBreak.

Meanwhile, we’ll be sitting at our desks, seething with jealousy as we obsessively click through all of our University of Utah friends’ spring break photos.

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