I love BYU


There are a lot of reasons to love BYU: our relatively inexpensive tuition, our beautiful campus, our talented athletes and artists, our accredited programs and our distinguished alumni, to name a few.

With our women’s basketball team winning the WCC Championship, and men’s basketball possibly getting a bid for the NCAA tournament, and our accounting department, animation department and performance groups winning awards across the country, we want to show our Cougar pride.

BYU is famous for having a large fan base wherever in the United States our teams play, but school loyalty isn’t limited to sports fans. Take a picture of yourself with the sign attached below. In the photo caption, tell us why YOU love BYU.

It can be a simple selfie, an action shot in your workplace, even a picture of your family at the Grand Canyon for summer vacation. You don’t even have to print out the sign. You can take a picture of your phone or computer screen, or come by The Universe to use one of our signs. Feel free to be creative (or not be creative). You are the most important part of the photo.

After you take your photo, share it with us. You can Tweet or Instagram the photo @UniverseBYU with #ILoveBYU or email the photo to us at .

Print the I Love BYU sign here: I-heart-BYU.pdf

#ILoveBYU because it allows me to have a campus job in my chosen career field

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