Third Utah resident tests positive for measles

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The measles case at Disneyland continues to slowly spread, with a Utah resident testing positive for measles after visiting the park. 

A third Utah resident has tested positive for measles after contact with the two original cases. Utah health officials believe the two original cases contacted the virus after traveling to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park in mid-December.

Lance Madigan, public information officer for the Utah County Health Department, said unvaccinated individuals who come in contact with measles have a 90 percent infection rate, one of the highest infection rates. “We are getting outside the window of those who went to Disneyland; they’d probably already be showing symptoms by now,” Madigan said.

The Utah Country Health Department reached out to any individuals who might have had contact with the original cases to prevent further exposure. “There’s not a high likelihood (of a measles outbreak), but there’s definitely a chance,” which is why 66 individuals exposed to the original cases are being actively monitored as a preventive measure, Madigan said.

The Utah Department of Health said the most effective defense against the virus is to be fully immunized. Vaccinations protect individuals and limit the spread of the disease in the community. For general information on vaccines, visit

For more information about the current cases, visit:

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