ICYMI Video: Young interns help push Eagle Forum’s pro-family agenda on Utah’s Capitol Hill


By Aaron Adams

SALT LAKE CITY — Everyday on Utah’s Capitol Hill during the legislative session,armies of wizened, gray-haired legislators and activists engage in the dense hustle and bustle of lawmaking — but a few of these Capitol workers don’t have gray hair, and a few of them don’t even shave yet.

Meet the 2014 Utah Eagle Forum interns–a group of 27 high school and college students working to pass pro-family legislation. They work at the Capitol during the entire legislative session, collaborating together in their corner of the cafeteria in the Senate Building. A similar group is expected on the hill in 2015,

“I just love the feeling of being able to make a difference and being able to help other people,” said Olivia Horlacher, an Eagle Forum intern coordinator. “It’s the opportunity to make a difference in a really big way and to affect the people of Utah and Utah’s my home.”


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