How can you ‘Do Good Better’?

Guests visit the "Do Good Better" exhibit in the Joseph Fielding Smith Building
Guests visit the “Do Good Better” exhibit in the Joseph F. Smith Building. (Photo by Katherine Coates)

Changing the world through social innovation brought hopeful volunteers and curious visitors to the “Do Good Better” exhibit in the Joseph F. Smith Building Feb. 12.

The Education in Zion Gallery opened the exhibit with an opening reception hosted by the Melvin J. Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance. The event highlighted historical background of the Ballard Center as well as offer interactive elements to demonstrate the impact of social innovation around the world.

“We teach students and people in the community, even Church members about how to locate organizations that aren’t just providing service or goods but are providing real, sustainable, effective change in our communities,” said Ted Jackson, a program director and senior studying economics.

Several different organizations and volunteer groups set up information booths around the JFSB to provide additional information to guests looking to make a difference.

“I work with Google as a community leader,” said Scott Hill, a junior studying English. “We are trying to help people in the community achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently, especially with the tools Google provides.”

During this opening reception, Elder Robert C. Gay of the Perpetual Education Fund Self-Reliance Initiative discussed self-reliance. Throughout the event, guests were welcomed to tour the exhibit, enjoy refreshments and participate in a drawing for TEDxBYU tickets.

The event was open to the public and will remain open for a year. “Do Good Better” has already inspired some students to make a difference. Deson Haynid, a sophomore neuroscience student, found the exhibit to be filled with diverse opportunities.

“I’m interested in making a difference, and I wanted to figure out how,” Haynid said. “The diversity of the people involved with making a change stood out to me. There are so many different departments involved. I want to make an impact on the world as well.”

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