Legislative Schedule: Feb. 12, 2014


House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
8:00 AM — 25 House Building

1.HB0280 Technical Revisions to Pawnshop Statute
2.HB0314 Amendments to Vehicle Immobilization Device Provisions
3. HB0254 Human Trafficking Victim Amendments
4. HB0334 Bail Bondsmen Amendments

House Transportation Committee
8:00 AM 450 State Capitol

1.HB0101 Roadway and Sidewalk Safety Amendments
2.HB0214 Special Group License Plate Amendments
3.HB0278 Highway Construction Bid Limit Reduction
4. HB0281 Motorcycle Amendments

Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee
8:00 AM 250 State Capitol

1.SJR002 Joint Resolution on Legislative Power
2.SB0060 Fuel Excise Tax Amendments
3.SB0136 Local Elections Amendments
4.SB0180 Property Tax Modifications

5.SB0182 Motor Fuel Tax Revisions

Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
8:04 415 State Capitol

1.     HB0059S01    National Guard Program Amendments   (V. Peterson)
2.     SB0084    Amendments to Governor’s Rural Boards   (R. Okerlund)
3.     SB0169    Public Meetings Materials Requirements   (D. Henderson)
4.     SB0179    Procurement Revisions   (S. Jenkins)
5.     SJR008    Joint Resolution on Term of Appointed Lieutenant Governor   (S. Urquhart)
6.     SB0051    Local Government Entities Amendments   (J. Stevenson)
7.     HB0014    Administrative Rulemaking Amendments   (C. Oda)
8.     HB0025    Eminent Domain Amendments   (L. Perry)

Senate Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
9:30 AM — 210 Senate Building

1. HB0034 Tourism Marketing Performance Account Amendments

House Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee
2:00 PM 25 House Building

1. HB0313 Veterans’ and Military Affairs Commission
2.HB0321 Refugee Services Coordination Amendments

House Government Operations Committee
2:00 PM 20 House Building

1. HB0333 Payroll Services Amendments
2. HB0038S01 Resource Stewardship Amendments
3. HB0066 Municipal Enterprise Fund Amendments
4. HB0252 Absentee Ballot Amendments
5. HB0262 Local Governing Body Voting Amendments
6. HB0302 Voting Records Amendments

House Revenue and Taxation Committee
2:00 PM 445 State Capitol

The following bills are scheduled for consideration:
1. HB0083 Local Government Residential Reimbursement Authority
2. HB0209 Extension of Sales and Use Tax Exemption
3. HB0031Pollution Control Amendments
4. HB0074Energy Efficient Vehicle Tax Credits
5. HB0338 Alcohol Beverage License Amendments

Senate Business and Labor Committee
2:00 PM 215 Senate Building

1. SJR013 Joint Rules Resolution Modifying Eligibility Requirements for Independent Legislative Ethics Commission Members
2. SB0163 Employee Meal Periods
3. SB0162 Secondhand Sales Amendments
4.HB0026S01 Association Lien Amendments
5. HJR005 Uniform Building Code Commission Review of Proposed Building Code Changes Joint Resolution
6. HB0040 Beer Excise Tax Revenue Amendments

Senate Education Committee
2:00 PM 210 Senate Building

The following bills are scheduled for consideration:
1. SB0040 Financial and Economic Literacy Amendments
2. SB0049 Parental Permission to Release Student Information
3. SB0171 Student-centered Learning Pilot Program
4. SB0104 Improvement of Reading Instruction
5. SB0037 Statewide Online Education Program Revisions

Senate Health and Human Services Committee
2:00 PM 250 State Capitol

1.SB0176 Local Funding for Rural Health Care Amendments
2. SB0055 Pharmaceutical Dispensing Amendments
3. SB0063 Compact for Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information

House Political Subdivisions Committee
2:30 PM 450 State Capitol

1. HB0104 School Planning and Zoning Compliance
2. HB0110 Renewable Energy Amendments
3. HB0102 Assessment Area Amendments
4. SB0018 Local Government General Fund Amendments

House Education Committee
4:00 PM 30 House Building

1. HB0337 Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments
2. HB0307 Public Education Funding Task Force
3. HB0041 Clean Fuel School Buses and Infrastructure

House Health and Human Services Committee
4:00 PM 25 House Building

1. HB0106 Employer Sponsored Clinic – Prescription Drug Amendments
2. HB0211 Substance Abuse Amendments
3. HB0327 Veterans’ Employment Opportunity Amendments
4. HJR014 Joint Resolution on Caregiving
5. HB0114 Mail-order Wholesale Drug Amendments
6. HB0119 Opiate Overdose Emergency Treatment

Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee
4:00 PM 250 State Capitol

1.SB0092 Metal Theft Amendments
2. HB0291S01 State Laboratory Drug Testing Account Amendments
3. HB0030 Controlled Substances Amendments
4. HB0048 Reports on Alternative Sentencing
5. HB0270 Peace Officer Certificates

Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee
4:00 PM 415 State Capitol

1. SB0064 Air Quality Rules and Penalties

Senate Transportation and Public Utilities and Technology Committee
4:00 215 Senate Building

The following bills are scheduled for consideration:
1. SB0139 Transportation Funding Revisions
2. HB0062 Recreational Vehicle Title Amendments
3. HB0080 Speed Limit Amendments

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