Simplify the search for housing

Comfy co-founders, Jordan Wright and Scott Weinert, launched the Comfy app to meet student's needs in who are searching for housing. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Wright.)
Comfy co-founders, Scott Weinert and Jordan Wright, launched the Comfy app to help students more effectively find housing for school. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Wright)

It’s almost time for BYU students to start finding their housing this fall semester, and as any seasoned student knows, this process can be a hassle.

Fortunately, students have a new tool available when searching for a new residence. Comfy, a local company founded by a BYU graduate, has released an app that simplifies the search for housing in Provo.

Comfy, a free app launched Jan. 6 on iTunes, helps students sort through housing options, compare prices, and sign a lease online — all from the comfort of their phone. Rather than spending days searching for a place to live, the Comfy app simplifies the process to a couple of hours. Based on a user’s personalized selections, the app immediately finds housing solutions that match the budget and desired amenities of the user.

Comfy CEO and co-founder Jordan Wright, a 2012 BYU statistics graduate from Medford, Ore., recalled the difficulty of finding a new home after he and his wife moved to Lehi to accept a job after graduation.

Despite the couple’s good income, a lack of housing openings made their search frustrating and time-intensive. Wright launched Comfy as a better way for students to connect with BYU off-campus property and housing owners online.

“We’re specific to student housing, and we have hosts of property management companies coming in as our customers,” Wright said.

The app saves students time and money in finding the right housing location, said Scott Weiner, Comfy co-founder and designer.

“It has the content and tools they need to score the perfect rental. It’s the sweet spot of the student housing market,” Weinert said.

Local housing owners are similarly excited about the ease and accessibility Comfy offers to students. Hilary Davis, deputy property manager for Aspen Ridge Management, said the app allows students to explore different housing options and find the right fit.

“It’s kind of like the of finding your apartment here in Provo,” Davis said, referring to the popular search site for hotels, airline tickets and vacations.

She said tenants will also appreciate the app’s direct line of communication with property owners. Rather than navigating a maze of office hours and apartment complexes, students can simply message a proprietor and receive an immediate response.

Additionally, students who sign a lease online receive a financial kickback on their first month’s rent as a reward for using the website.

To begin searching, simply download the app from iTunes or visit Log in with Facebook or e-mail and select personal preferences by location, price range, single/married status or desired amenities. The app will return personalized results with images, locations and listings that users can rate “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to refine their search.

In addition to Provo, the company will begin offering housing listings for the University of Texas, Texas A&M and University of Arizona later this month and plans to expand to student housing around the nation.

The next time students are in a housing bind, Comfy app is only a click away for finding a new home.

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