The Moth & the Flame visits home


The Moth & the Flame, a Provo-born band, has found success with recent tours in L.A. as well as Europe, where they opened for Imagine Dragons.

The Moth & the Flame (TMTF) will return to play at Velour this Saturday.

Moth & the Flame (Photo by Arash Armin)
The Moth & the Flame is comprised of Brandon Robbins (guitar, vocals), Mark Garbett (keys, vocals) and Andrew Tolman (drums). Photo by Arash Armin.

Those attending will hear songs from TMTF’s past albums along with material from their upcoming LP. Mark Garbett (keyboard, vocals) said the band values the visual aspect of their art, and have “some really cool things planned for the stage” for Saturday’s show.

“We love playing at Velour,” Garbett said. “It’s our home.”

Drummer Andrew Tolman said he loves returning to Velour, which is owned by Corey Fox.

“Corey Fox is a good friend and mentor and has helped The Moth & the Flame from the beginning,” Tolman said.

Fox said he is often asked what bands will soon reach next-level success, and he sees The Moth & the Flame as one of the top on the list.

“The Moth & the Flame’s live shows have become pretty legendary over the last couple of years,” Fox said. “They always sell out and besides amazing live performances, they also usually include some type of art installation to enhance the show.”

Much of TMTF’s music is ambient in nature and focused on moods.

“For us, music is just really about following the feeling of a song,” Garbett said. “Once we start writing a song, we really try to understand what that feeling is, and enhance it and develop it in every possible way — in the layers, the lyrics, the melodies, everything. That’s kind of the goal we have with songs we write. We want to communicate those feelings, those moods.”

The band will release its new album this year, with the aid of Peter Katis, producer for The National. Garbett said they are expanding the breadth of their style with this album.

“(This album) covers a wide spectrum of what we do,” Garbett said. “It has upbeat, more percussive tracks like the EP, and moodier, layered tracks like the first album. There’s a really wide breadth. It’ll have a little something for everyone.”

In pursuing breadth, TMTF identifies with one of its influences, Radiohead.

“One thing I really admire about Radiohead is their willingness to go in any direction,” Garbett said. “Every album they come out with is completely unexpected. They’re unafraid to expand. I can only hope that we can try to do the same by being open to go in any direction, by being willing to follow the music.”

The Moth & the Flame will perform at Velour at 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 25. Tickets can be purchased at

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