Police Beat: Jan. 7




Dec. 10 – An individual reported that a license plate was taken in parking lot 40.

Dec. 11 – A report of unauthorized use of signature card was received at Helaman Halls. Officers investigated, and individuals were cited for use of the card.

Dec. 18 – An individual reported a secured bike taken from the bike racks in Helaman Halls in mid-November. The bike was listed on the national database and found.

Dec. 20 – An unattended backpack was taken from Building 66.

Dec. 20 – A secured bike was taken from a bike rack near the Richards Building.

Dec. 30 – An individual report money taken from an unattended wallet at the MTC.


Dec. 13 – A man who had been banned from campus was located within a closed area in the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Dec. 14 – An unauthorized individual was escorted from the Smith Fieldhouse.

Dec. 18 – Officers responded to a complaint of an individual selling items near the Tanner Building. The individual was located and escorted from the area.

Dec. 28 – An individual was located in a closed area in the Smith Fieldhouse. The individual was escorted from the area.

Property Damage

Dec. 16 – An individual reported minor damage to a vehicle in parking lot 16.

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