BYU gymnasts projected to win Friday meet


BYU’s women’s gymnastics team returns to the Smith Fieldhouse to compete against Southeast Missouri State on Friday.

The Redhawks are an experienced team, with two freshmen and two sophomores comprising the team of 13 gymnasts. The team also has a winning record this season, defeating Lindenwood University and Centenary. From this standpoint, the Redhawks look like a tough team to beat; however, when sizing up a team, the most important factor is how it is scoring. 

The Redhawks scored a season high of 193.700 over two weeks ago against Centenary. The Cougars just scored a 195.125 against Boise State last week, reaching the team’s overall season goal. If the BYU athletes continue to stick landings and avoid falls, Friday’s meet should result in a Cougar victory.

Sarah Yandow Wensel performs on the bars in BYU’s gymnastics meet against Biose State in the Smith Fieldhouse. (Photo by Elliott Miller)

Despite statistics, BYU’s team is practicing the same way it does every week.

“Gymnastics isn’t like football; your opponent can’t game plan against you,” Head Coach Brad Cattermole said. “In fact, if we both score well it helps us both. We train this week, the same way we would train no matter who we play.”

BYU has not competed against the Redhawks since the 2010 season. New gymnasts and unfamiliar routines will show whether or not the Cougars will maintain focus and calm nerves.

Watch the Cougars take on the Redhawks Friday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. in the Smith Fieldhouse.

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