Insta-this, Insta-that, Insta-everything. Whether we’re cheering on the basketball team or beaming at the noodles we just whipped up, we have a natural desire to share. We capture our own individual worlds through media and apps like Instagram that allow users to do exactly that — share our world.

The Universe encourages students to share and connect with each other through similar experiences here on campus. To continue this, we’ve created a new project called “Ygram.”

Here’s how it works. Each week there will be a Ygram theme for the week. Students can participate by using Instagram to capture something related to that theme and sharing it with us. The themes will vary each week from PDA on campus to creative, college-student meals. Check The Universe website for the week’s theme, capture a scene relevant to that theme, use the hashtag #Ygram and publish it. At the end of each week we will sort through the Instagram pictures using that hashtag and compile the very best of the week into a slide show on The Universe website.

NEXT WEEK’S #Ygram THEME: weather

Use the hashtag, and we’ll find your photo. Then your picture can be in next week’s slideshow.

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