The Heber Creeper


The Heber Valley Railroad began in 1899 as a resource for pioneers who settled in the area.  In the early 70s, one of the original trains, the Heber Creeper, was renovated and has served as a seasonal tourist ride through the Wasatch front and continues to provide fun and entertainment for locals and tourists.

Beginning January 28th, the Heber Valley Railroad is offering new events on the Heber Creeper for students, families and tourists to enjoy this piece of Utah history.  From themed train rides to discount adventures, the Heber Creeper offers an exciting adventure.

The historic Heber Creeper offers students families and tourist a unique view of the Wasatch Front. (Courtesy Heber Valley Railroad)

Mark Nelson, executive director of the Heber Valley Railroad, offered his expertise.

“The Heber Valley Railroad is the only historic train line in Utah,” Nelson said. “It has consistently kept trains on its tracks since its origin, and continues to provide entertainment and enjoyment for locals and tourists.”

Many aspects of the Heber Valley have revolved around the train.

“The train has become the icon of the Heber Valley,” Nelson said. “In fact even the most popular spot to eat, Dairy Keen–home of the train, gained its origins from the train. Even the founder of the restaurant, his dying words were, ‘save the train.’ That is how important it is to the area.”

Except for skiing and snowboarding, the winter season usually forces people to find entertainment inside. The train provides an escape from the indoors and allows people to experience the beauty winter brings.

“This is a great opportunity for Utahans to escape the ‘yuk’ of the inversion time of year and enjoy a unique adventure in the mountains,” Nelson said.

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