Cell phone case also protects its owners


Cell phone owners spend money on protective cases for their phones, but, until now, these cases didn’t protect the owner. A new protective case ensures the safety of the cell phone, as well as its owners.

The U.S. Department of Justice said one in four college women have reported serious assault or rape during their college experience. Technology has provided new ways for individuals to stay safe. However, the new Coyote Case for iPhones provides users with some ways of avoiding dangerous situations.

The Coyote Case has buttons located on both sides that are set off with deliberate and intentional pressure. Pushing these buttons will set of an alarm, send out a text with the user’s current location to emergency contacts, or will perform both functions. The side button design is constructed in the root of human behavior and ergonomics. Studies in behavioral research show that when under stress, the natural response is for the human hand to make a clenching motion.

The creator Jonathan Page made the device after he heard his niece was threatened one evening near her apartment. Page was unable to be interviewed because of difficulties presented due to Hurricane Sandy but commented on his inspiration for making the iPhone case in a promotional video.

“Her whole personality had changed, and that resonated with me,” Page said in the promotional video. “There (had to) be a solution.”

According to the Coyote Case website, the desire to protect future individuals from going through a similar experience is what relentlessly drove the development team to deliver a product that is intuitive, durable and built for protection.

Caren Henry, the brand director for Coyote Case, said that this case is a device worth the investment.

“It can save lives,” Henry said. “We believe wholeheartedly that this is a device that everyone can benefit from in terms of their own protection.”

Photo courtesy of Caren Henry, Coyote Case brand director.

Henry went on to explain that the portability aspect is what makes it such a unique product. The Coyote Case is ideal for college students because many tend to carry a phone with them almost everywhere they go. The case also delivers portable protection for outdoor scenarios such as walking, hiking, running or biking.

“We all like to go out and have fun, and we should be able to do so without feeling threatened,” Henry said. “The reality, though, is things do happen. This case is a way to protect and empower its users.”

On campuses across the nation, dangerous situations can arise for any student. Lt. Arnold Lemmon of the University Police Department felt this case is a promising device, but that it should only be an addition to other safety measures.

“I think it’s a great concept,” Lemmon said. “I think anything that advances or enhances your safety is healthy. If I had a choice between this device and a RAD class (Rape Aggression Defense), I would choose the class. So often devices like this, pepper spray and tasers put you in a comfort zone. We need to be educated too.”

The case is currently fit for the iPhone 4, 4s and the iPhone 5 with hopes to expand to other models soon. It is available in black, white, pink, teal and red.

For more information about the Coyote Case, visit indiegogo.com/coyotecase.

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