Chair of David O. McKay school of education to give devotional address


It is about more than just apples and name tags and late nights grading papers — for a teacher, there is no greater call.

This Tuesday, Nancy Wentworth, chair of the David O. McKay school of Education, will address students on a topic for which she holds a professional passion: the importance of teaching and learning.

“I selected a topic that relates to the course that I have taught on campus for many years, ways we think about teaching and learning in education, and how that applies to seeking an eternal education,” Wentworth said.

Highlighting the importance of eternal progression and understanding, Wentworth hopes that students will broaden their thoughts on ideas of eternal consequence.

“I want all the students there to think about the purpose of their life here on earth and how they can become like Christ,” Wentworth said.

Her love of teaching has driven both her collegiate and professional career. Wentworth first received her bachelor degree in mathematics from the University of Utah in 1971. She then earned her masters in education from the same university in 1973. Following graduate school, she worked in public education as a junior high and high school teacher, and in 1992 she returned to the University of Utah and completed her doctorate degree.

“I have always thought that I wanted to be a teacher,” Wentworth said. “I started teaching in schools, and now I work with students who want to become teachers. I advise my students to just study what they love.”

Wentworth was appointed the chair of the department of education in 2008 and has helped the department, through accreditation and other efforts, to continually improve the program. Her research has focused on the integration of technology into mathematics education, and she has received several grants to fund this work.

Nancy Wentworth, chair of the David O. McKay school of education, will address students this Tuesday at 11:05 a.m. in the Marriott.

The devotional will be broadcast live on the BYU Broadcasting channels and online at Rebroadcast and archive information will be available at or

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